Love to eat Indian food? Want to learn how to make them at home? Come and join our classes!

    Indian Cookery Lessons started as a fun idea and continues to remain a fun project till date. It is a place where
    you learn to cook good Indian food, eat all the food cooked, laugh and have fun all the way!!

    The main focus is to build confidence rather than simply showing students how to prepare a dish. This is achieved
    by creating a warm and supportive atmosphere where even the most shy student feels safe enough to try cooking
    something totally new. We always encourage creative cooking rather than dogmatic following; hence our motto is
    "give-it-a-try-and-see-what-evolves". We stay around to guide and support them should they need any help. Each
    dish taught in class is prepared by students themselves. This gives them a 'hands-on' training and a real feel of what
    the process involves, thus making it easier to prepare the same dish later on. Most students are easily able to
    reproduce what they learnt in class at home.

    Classes are currently being held between September 2015 - December 2015 solely
    to fund-raise for the  South East Cancer Help Centre  - a wonderful local charity
    very close to my heart that helps families affected by cancer. All profits made from
    these lessons will be donated to the South East Cancer Help Centre.

    Here's what happens in class:

We teach delicious homely Indian meals that are simple, quick and easy to achieve. We are fond of both 'restaurant
style' and 'home-made' Indian food. There is a world of difference in both styles and what we attempt to teach is a
fusion of both worlds - one which creates a 'restaurant style' taste minus excessive use of spices and oil. The end
result is a tasty, mouthwatering meal which is equally healthy. We usually teach four dishes everyday.

Classes are held in English and handouts are given for all recipes taught. All preparation work (i.e. peeling,
chopping, boiling etc.) is done in advance and not included in the class time. We cook enough for students to enjoy
a hearty meal after a hard days work. All you have to do is pay and attend. We take care of the rest! You do not
have to be a competent cook to attend. All you need is interest and motivation to learn. The rest is easy!

We are happy to accommodate special religious and dietary needs provided we know about them in advance. If you
need any help preparing a meal at home after attending our classes, we would be happy to help via e-mail or

Most of our students are happy for us to take  Pictures  so that others can see what goes on in class. Many are
happy to leave  Feedback  too for others to read.

The excitement does not stop there. Our students constantly give us ideas about how to progress our classes and
we are immensely grateful to them! Thank you for visiting our website. ~ Nina Guha
Last updated:  31.08.15
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